Tips For Healthy Little Feet

feetWe all know how much children like to play, explore and generally run about. Most children have boundless energy and can be active all day long. Sometimes, however, a parent may notice that their child has a little trouble keeping up with their peers or falls over frequently. If you find that your child is in this situation, it might be a foot problem that is holding them back and you should visit an experienced podiatrist in Geelong. Although some foot complications are unavoidable, Precise Podiatry in Geelong can offer a few tips to help optimise the foot and lower limb health of your child.

Measure feet regularly

Children grow extremely quickly and, because they are less conspicuous than other body parts, feet are often overlooked. It is important that a child’s shoes fit properly, so ensure that you measure their feet regularly and upgrade their shoes accordingly. Shoes that are too small are often the cause of foot pain or discomfort and are a common reason for visits to a podiatrist in Belmont and elsewhere.

Fitted shoes

Once a child starts to walk, it is useful to get them fitted shoes. This ensures they are the ideal dimensions, encourages a natural gait and protects their little feet from the environment. A podiatrist in Geelong can help advise you on the best shoes for your child.

Look for wear and tear

Our shoes tell us a lot about how we move about and this is no different in children. Excess or unusual wear may be indicative of walking irregularities or posture problems. Visiting a podiatrist in Geelong is the best way to prevent future complications and, as with all things health related, the earlier you do so, the better.

Nail care

Keep an eye on your child’s nails to ensure that a small issue doesn’t become one of more concern. Trim their nails regularly, but be careful not to cut too short, as this may result in painful ingrown toenails. If your child does develop an ingrown toenail, come see the caring and experienced team at Precise Podiatry in Geelong, or any of our 12 clinics.

Take complaints seriously

We know children are prone to crying wolf, but they rarely complain about foot pain. If they do, chances are it is for good reason and you should get their feet examined by a podiatrist.

If your child develops a foot injury or is suffering regular lower limb pain, get in touch with the highly trained and knowledgeable team at Precise Podiatry in Geelong, so we can get them back to their active selves.

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Tips For Healthy Little Feet