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Bannockburn_surgeryBannockburn Foot Clinic

Bannockburn Precise Podiatry clinic is open Wednesdays and Saturdays as we know it can be difficult for clients with work commitments, children and other obligations to attend weekdays appointments thus this clinic enables weekends. Precise Podiatry works in this clinic alongside local doctors to ensure you receive the best foot and lower limb care provide only the latest in Podiatry services ranging from Paediatric, Sports medicine, orthotics, aged foot care and much more. Just one way in which we are leading the way in latest sport technologies at all clinics includes 3 D scanning of feet enabling precise orthotics to meet foot profiles and on the spot delivery for laboratory manufacturing. Please compare our services and prices to other Podiatrist in the areas as we pride ourselves on being the leaders in both standards of care and price to ensure Podiatry services are affordable for all.

16 High St,
Bannockburn VIC 3331

Phone number: (03) 52 822999
Fax number: (03) 52 824443